The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is committed to reducing the systemic and entrench level of corruption in government institutions. Through the achievement of political governance, the NDA will create a consensus-oriented government that is participatory, more equitable and inclusive, effective and efficient in observing the rule of law, accountable and transparent in handling national issues/activities and responsive to the need of the people.

NDA will fight against the decadence of corruption through institutional reforms of the Justice Service Sector, the Police Force and the Civil Service Division with improvement in pay and incentives, while implementing the anti-corruption acts of 2008. Corruption will also be reduced with the promotion of a value oriented system such as: honesty, integrity, patriotism, legacy driven personality and empathy for impoverish Sierra Leoneans.



Education will be one of NDA’s main national goal to nurturing Sierra Leoneans from early childhood learning to empowering them to acquire the readily needed computer and technological skills to work in the new emerging Investment markets of small medium companies doing or intending to do business in Sierra Leone. NDA seeks to promote compulsory and free education from the age of 6 to 14 years old, eliminating the gender disparity with girls, increasing the number of qualified and trained teachers with better working conditions and attractive pay incentives.

The NDA party in governance will pay special emphasis to vocational, polytechnic and technical institutes by developing robust apprenticeship and market- oriented skills for youths to create incomes, sustain their livelihood and support their families. NDA will also provide access to education for the physically challenge, decentralize the school system for community ownership, provide adult literacy education, develop student loan programs at universities, expand on tertiary education and increase the national budget from 2.5% to 10% significantly.



Recognizing that women should serve as key players both locally and nationally, the NDA is one of the political parties in Sierra Leone that has nominated a woman as a running mate, appointed its interim national executive (Augusta Teimah) and the North America Executive Chairwoman, Maseray Young Kai Kai. NDA is inclusive and gender sensitive. Women must play an integral role in our decision making process from business to politics and even as community leaders in our chiefdom and Districts.

The youth agenda is another serious political focus that the NDA is determine to uphold from creating jobs through industrialization and multi-national investments to skilled labor training and technically based careers for a diversified work force; the NDA will mount considerable effort in promoting health and wellness including sports and entertainment; national leadership and youth programs for our young people. NDA also seeks to build its governance demography with youths who are energetic, vibrant and conscious of national development.

Children are the primary asset of any good society and even the future leaders of tomorrow. NDA will establish strong child protection laws to guard them against abuse and neglect, provide free education and prepare them for tertiary, vocational and technical learning. NDA will conform to international protective laws for children, while it will provide access to learning opportunities, and social safety net for citizens of disability.



The NDA is well aware of the loss of international standards of both sportsmanship and competitive talents of our sport youth population. Soccer, for instance, promotes national, regional and International peace with friendly nations. The national stadium has not been use for the primary purpose of playing the games that break social, ethnic and regional barriers among Sierra Leoneans.

NDA will support all sports and athletic activities that encourages physical fitness and wellbeing, provide the funds and organizational framework to facilitate the growth and readiness of our sport loving citizens to either play or watch soccer or sport events for entertainment purpose. NDA will bring back laurel to Sierra Leone and restore the good image of our country.



Sierra Leone is endowed with an abundance of natural touristic attractions and wonders of an unspoiled natural landscape, beautiful coastal views and scenery with a rich cultural heritage. The tourism sector is not generating the income for government. They have not created the attraction for tourists to visit Sierra Leone.NDA will build a new museum that will house the rich cultural history of Sierra Leone. We will modernize the Zoo and build a touristic infrastructure at the historic Bunce Island – once a fortified trading center for holding and shipping slaves. Through the tourism Ministry, NDA will expand the coastal beach resorts with five stars hotels, golfing areas and other amenities. We believe that the tourism sector is a job creating industry for Sierra Leoneans. Also, NDA will support the music Industry that show-case Sierra Leonean talents and the richness of our culture and tradition.