The Justice Service sector has been one of the most neglected branches of government in Sierra Leone. Polarized and politicized, judges and lawyers are more loyal to political interests than the dispensation of Justice. Poor citizens cannot seek redress in court because of a system that is driven by money and political connections. When the NDA comes to power, we will make sure that the integrity of the court system is protected by empowering judges and court officials with better working conditions, increasing their pay structures with other allowances and enforcing anti-corruption laws against those who violates their oath of office. NDA in political governance will make sure that the Ministry of Justice is separated from the Attorney- General’s office. The office of the Attorney-General shall be a public office and the appointment will come for the Public Service Commission (PSC). The Judiciary will be made transparent and independent from the Executive and Legislative organs of government.

In the wake of the Ebola outbreak, we see the important role that the military and police forces can do to enforce emergency laws and provide national service to Sierra Leone. Not to mention the rebel civil war in which the demoralized and ill-equipped military and police institutions became a collateral advantage for the rebel incursions. Thus, NDA will review both the security readiness of the army and police in terms of protecting the nation against external threats from terrorism to diseases like Ebola. NDA upgrade both the logistical and contingency readiness of the security forces, improve working conditions and incentivize them to perform with professionalism and dedications, reduce the level of corruption and promote discipline and high morale including an adherence to defense treaties made by regional and international bodies like ECOWAS and the United Nations (UN).



The Prison system in Sierra Leone needs a general overhaul in terms of inmate’s conditions, work pay for prison officers and the construction of new modern prison facilities. The famous Pademba road prison will be expanded to accommodate juvenile, female and male prisoners as well as building a new court house to ease the burden of judicial dispensation by other competent courts in Sierra Leone.

On the human rights front, the rights of children, gender equality and empowerment, youth employment and development, the disabled/handicapped will be protected as guaranteed by the constitutions. NDA in governance will fulfill Sierra Leone’s obligation under various UN treaties among these: the covenant of civil and political rights, the governance of economic, social and cultural rights, the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, the convention against torture and the convention on the right of children to free education and health care.



The end of the cold war has changed the dynamics of International relations. Non-alignment which pitched Western an Eastern bloc countries against each other in competition for influence over third world countries have faded. Now, third world countries have to rely on bilateral and multilateral relations to ensure their survival.

In this connection, the National Democratic Alliance (N.D.A.) Party will pursue a foreign policy in accordance with its Developmental Objectives. The NDA in governance shall maintain excellent relationship with our African neighbors and other African countries, maintain and receive cooperation from the European Union, United States, China and the Arab World that would bring numerous benefits to our country e.g. the services of Peace-Crops, VSOs, Islamic and Christian missions etc.

Sierra Leone will remain active with the United Nations and many of its specialized Agencies, the Non-Aligned Movement, the African Union (AU), the Economic community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) and the Mano River Union (MRU). We shall respect all our International obligations and honour all treaties entered into by previous governments. However, we shall not negotiate our sovereignty for any Foreign Aid.